Frequently Asked Questions

What types of structures do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of options to meet all of your needs. We offer metal carports, metal canopies, chemical storage covers, receiving dock covers, fueling stations, covered entrances, municipal equipment, bus storage, covered walkways, garageports, metal awnings, self-storage, driving range dividers, dumpster enclosures, pre-engineered metal buildings, park shelters, picnic shelters, pavilions, metal roofing and siding.

What kind of materials do you use?

We fabricate all of our own structural sheet components in our Michigan-based plant. We use the highest grade, all-steel construction to insure that the carports, garageports and other metal storage structures we build are solid, secure, and meet or exceed zoning requirements.

Can I work with Classic Carports to create a custom designed carport? What about custom colors, and matching dumpster containers and canopies?

Classic Carports can design and install a unique structure that will match your existing building or compliment any architectural style. Classic Carports also offers a variety of colors to add a sense of design and class to your metal carports, metal canopies, garageports and other metal storage structure project.

What is the difference between your carports and other carports?

All of our carports are heavy duty and ideally suited for the typically wear and tear of commercial, industrial and multi-family applications.

Do you offer service if my carport is damaged?

Classic Carports offers turn key repair or replacement services for any type of metal canopy, carport, garageport, or other metal storage structure. Because we fabricate our own structural components, we can quickly and economically perform repairs. This allows for shorter lead times and fewer headaches.

How will a carport or garageport impact the value of my property?

The addition of covered parking will increase the value of your property as both an amenity and an alternative revenue source.

I'm thinking about starting a new property. What is the ideal time to install a carport?

In new construction projects we are typically one of the last subcontractors at the jobsite. Usually after the final coat of pavement is installed but before the parking lot is striped.

How should I estimate the size/number of spaces I will need?

We suggest at least one covered parking space per apartment.

Are your carports and structures permanent?

Yes, all of our carports are installed with concrete foundations and designed to last.

Can I get gutters on my structure?


How long can I expect to wait from the time I receive my quote to the time my carport is installed?

Typical lead time is 3 weeks, but will vary depending on the current market conditions.

Who will install my carport?

Our crews install carports through out the United States. However, if you prefer to handle the installation we can also ship material only.

Classic Carports specializes in:

» Metal Carports
» Solar Panel Framing
» Fueling Stations
» Apartment Parking Structures
» Custom Canopy Structures
» Long-Term Covered Parking
» Covered Walkways
» Metal Canopies
» Park Shelters-Coverworx Division
» Carport Fabrication
» Garages
» Carport Repair
» Covered Storage